Krazy Creatures Toys

  • Webbing lined around the perimeter.
  • Poly fill in body and squeakers inside.
  • Plush and nylon covered.

Grid Description

Grid Description


Way tougher than your average plush. . . and way sillier!


Our new line of Krazy Creatures feature krazy faces and krazy attitudes.

With durable, floppy legs and squeakers, they are sure to create hours of fun for your best friend. So tug them, toss them, just get KRAZY with them!

New Cyclops and Zebra styles with crinkle in the legs are available NOW!




Webbing lined around the perimeter, makes this toy more durable.

Poly fill in body (no poly fill in legs) and squeakers inside.

Alien and Cyclops have crinkle in the legs and feature patented "X" tugging design.

Plush and nylon covered.





Pharaoh dog is 15in long.

Dragon is 11.5in long.

Alien and Cyclops are 9.5in X 20in


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